EDM Tubes

These images show the various Tube Configurations and their Tube IDs

Peak Machine Tools carries most sizes in stock at our Sanford facility of:

  • Brass and Copper
  • Coreless and Multi Channel Electrode Tubes

We carry 200mm thru 700mm (8" thru 28" approx.) in length in most diameters. If in stock your tubes can be shipped immediately. Special orders are handled with a 10 day delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our EDM Tubes are supplied in packs of 20. Orders must therefore be in multiples of 20. Prices shown are per piece.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us on 866-863-7325. We have many specials and other items available that are not listed here. Please call us with any queries you may have.

Part # Tube OD Length Channel Material Tube ID SKU Price (per piece)
PK080MCB400-1-WEB 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Brass 1-WEB $1.55 View
PK080MCB400-2T 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Brass 2T $2.25 View
PK080MCB400-2W 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Brass 2W $2.25 View
PK080MCB400-3T 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Brass 3T $3.25 View
PK080MCB500-1-WEB 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Brass 1-WEB $2.75 View
PK080MCB500-2T 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Brass 2T $2.75 View
PK080MCB500-2W 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Brass 2W $2.75 View
PK080MCB500-3T 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Brass 3T $4.00 View
PK080MCB600-1-WEB 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Brass 1-WEB $3.25 View
PK080MCB600-2T 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Brass 2T $3.25 View
PK080MCB600-2W 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Brass 2W $3.25 View
PK080MCB600-3T 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Brass 3T $4.75 View
PK080MCB700-1-WEB 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Brass 1-WEB $3.75 View
PK080MCB700-2T 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Brass 2T $3.75 View
PK080MCB700-2W 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Brass 2W $3.75 View
PK080MCB700-3T 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Brass 3T $5.50 View
PK080MCC050-3W 0.80mm 050mm multi-channel Copper 3W $1.25 View
PK080MCC100-3W 0.80mm 100mm multi-channel Copper 3W $1.50 View
PK080MCC150-3W 0.80mm 150mm multi-channel Copper 3W $1.75 View
PK080MCC200-3W 0.80mm 200mm multi-channel Copper 3W $2.00 View
PK080MCC300-3W 0.80mm 300mm multi-channel Copper 3W $2.75 View
PK080MCC400-1-WEB 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Copper 1-WEB $1.65 View
PK080MCC400-2T 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Copper 2T $2.25 View
PK080MCC400-2W 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Copper 2W $2.25 View
PK080MCC400-3T 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Copper 3T $3.25 View
PK080MCC400-3W 0.80mm 400mm multi-channel Copper 3W $3.25 View
PK080MCC500-1-WEB 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Copper 1-WEB $2.75 View
PK080MCC500-2T 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Copper 2T $2.75 View
PK080MCC500-2W 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Copper 2W $2.75 View
PK080MCC500-3T 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Copper 3T $4.00 View
PK080MCC500-3W 0.80mm 500mm multi-channel Copper 3W $4.00 View
PK080MCC600-1-WEB 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Copper 1-WEB $3.25 View
PK080MCC600-2T 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Copper 2T $3.25 View
PK080MCC600-2W 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Copper 2W $3.25 View
PK080MCC600-3T 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Copper 3T $4.75 View
PK080MCC600-3W 0.80mm 600mm multi-channel Copper 3W $4.75 View
PK080MCC700-1-WEB 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Copper 1-WEB $3.75 View
PK080MCC700-2T 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Copper 2T $3.75 View
PK080MCC700-2W 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Copper 2W $3.75 View
PK080MCC700-3T 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Copper 3T $5.50 View
PK080MCC700-3W 0.80mm 700mm multi-channel Copper 3W $5.75 View
PK080SCB200-SC 0.80mm 200mm single-channel Brass single-channel $0.50 View
PK080SCB300-SC 0.80mm 300mm single-channel Brass single-channel $0.50 View
PK080SCB400-SC 0.80mm 400mm single-channel Brass single-channel $0.75 View
PK080SCB500-SC 0.80mm 500mm single-channel Brass single-channel $0.75 View
PK080SCB600-SC 0.80mm 600mm single-channel Brass single-channel $1.00 View
PK080SCB700-SC 0.80mm 700mm single-channel Brass single-channel $1.00 View
PK080SCC200-SC 0.80mm 200mm single-channel Copper single-channel $0.50 View
PK080SCC300-SC 0.80mm 300mm single-channel Copper single-channel $0.50 View
PK080SCC400-SC 0.80mm 400mm single-channel Copper single-channel $0.75 View